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In Home / Office Service Special

$ 45.00

Now through the end of May!
Initial service call fee
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additional fees may apply
Your Computer & Technology Experts
Networking (Both wired and wireless)
Look around you... today just about everything we own is networkable!  From our phones to games and even our homes and appliances. Don't be left behind!
Home networking is easy and affordable, but the average home user who goes out and buys a wireless router has no idea how to properly set it up. 75% of all home routers are left on the default settings leaving the network wide open to hackers and bandwidth thieves! Call us today to review your home network, insure it's protected and set up properly!
In most cases, a wireless network will work fine for a small business or office environment, but beware! As with home networks, most business wireless networks are left unprotected. The most secure and fastest networks are wired networks! Let us come in and show you how we can secure your network without a bunch of wires running all over your floor!